Benefits of the CTA Quality Mark

Internally, organisations should see improvements in the recruitment and retention of volunteers, reduced staff turnover and an increased involvement of management committees in planning the future of their organisation and general improvements in the governance arrangements. 

Externally, organisations should see funding bodies reacting positively to the award.  Organisations moving from grants to contracts will find that many of the items on the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) are met and if the organisation applies for any investment funds the CTA Quality Mark should cover many of the likely requirements.  Individual passengers, group transport user groups, funding bodies and authorities arranging contracts should also notice the increased professionalism of the organisation.  In the longer term, the CTA believes that organisations holding a CTA Quality Mark will be more resilient and sustainable in terms of finance, resources available and public support. 

All CTA Members
The Standards document enables CTA member organisations to identify where they can make improvements, whether or not the organisation is looking to aspire to gaining the CTA Quality Mark.  The document will be freely available to CTA member organisations.

Applying for charity status
The Standards can be used internally by management committees of organisations that intend to apply for, but have not yet achieved charity status as a check list to measure the current position. 

Funding bodies
Funding bodies can require the CTA Quality Mark to be obtained within a specific period of time as part of the quality assurance process.  (A reasonable allowance should be provided in any funding to cover the costs involved.) 

Local branches of national voluntary sector organisations
These operate transport as a way of facilitating their main charity work but they are unable to obtain the award in their own right because they are not independent, autonomous organisations.  Nevertheless, local branch committees can decide that they should meet the standard set down in the CTA Quality Mark and conduct their own audit.

A requirement to gain a CTA Quality Mark could be included in the process of forming partnerships (brokerage, joint working or other arrangements) to enable each partner to have confidence that all parties are operating to the same requirements.

Public opinion and reputation
Widespread use of the CTA Quality Mark will cause a significant increase in the perceived professionalism in the provision of transport from the voluntary sector. 


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