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Is your transport safe and legal?

This information is provided for organisations that hire, own, or operate minibuses (9 to 16 passenger seats plus driver) or MPVs (less than 9 passenger seats) as part of their activities.  It provides an overview only of what organisations should know in order to ensure that they operate their minibuses legally.  Signposts to further reading for more detailed information have been included.

This information is provided for organisations that are not profit making companies and include the following:

  • Schools, colleges, universities or any other educational establishment
  • Healthcare or care homes
  • Faith or cultural groups
  • Youth and children's groups
  • Community transport groups

Operator Licencing

What is an operator's licence and do we need one?

What is a section 19 permit and do we need one?

What is a section 22 permit and do we need one?

What is a section 10B permit and do we need one?

What is Hire or reward?

What permits look like and how long do they last?


Who can drive our MPV operated using section 19 permits?

Who can drive our minibus operated using section 19 or 22 permits?

Who can drive our minibus operated using section 10B permits?

Can our 70 year old driver still drive our minibus?

Do we need to carry out Driver Licence Checks?

Is there any additional training our drivers should receive?


Do our drivers need to do a daily vehicle check?

Do we need to report defects?

What are safety inspections?

Do we need to check our passenger lifts?


Can we use a bus lane?

When can we use school bus signs?

Can we advertise on our vehicles?

What is the Maximum Authorised Mass of a vehicle?

Where can we find further information or get answers to other questions about operating our minibus? 

CTA’s Advice Service is able to help with enquiries about any aspect of operating a minibus.  For contact details see Advice and Information.

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