Check your Volunteer Driver's Insurance

The CTA has been part of another major problem solving exercise for volunteer car drivers. The Association of British Insurers (ABI) now publishes a list of insurance companies showing how they treat volunteers driving their own car for the benefit of the community. Many of the companies on the list no longer require any letter to be sent to inform them of the fact that a policy holder will be starting to volunteer.

The success came quickly on the heels of the CTA convincing the Chancellor of the Exchequer to raise the ceiling on income tax free contribution that volunteer drivers can receive from their passengers by allowing the extra 5 pence per mile when passengers are carried as announced in the 2011 Budget.


From now on the process for drivers intending to volunteer with social car schemes, etc. is to look up the list at and then follow the instructions applicable to their existing motor car insurance policy.  The previous advice given by the CTA for drivers to contact their insurance company using the ‘standard’ letter should now be ignored.


It is important to refer to the web version of this list because it is thought that insurance companies may review their position following publication of the whole list. Hopefully this will result in more companies stating clearly that all driving as a volunteer is covered by standard social, domestic and pleasure insurance.

 Page updated: 19/4/2017

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