What is Hire or Reward?

Hire or reward is any payment made for, or on behalf of a passenger to give them the right to be carried on a vehicle.  Payment can be for other services, such as attendance at a class which also allows the person to travel.  In law this is interpreted very widely, but there is case law to define it.  Hire or reward can include membership fees, voluntary donations towards trip costs, and fundraising. 

Where Hire or Reward takes place the operator will need some form of operators licence, for more information on these please see What is an operator's licence and do we need one?

Further reading and information

  • CTA’s Professional Services has detailed documents on the legal framework of operating minibuses, including the requirement for, and use of section 19 standard permits.  The CTA’s “Professional Services” is a Member Benefit, see www.ctauk.org for more information.  Members can access these documents by logging in to the Members Area of our website.
  • In Great Britain the DVSA’s guide, ‘Passenger transport provided by voluntary groups under the Section 19 or 22 permit system - Guide for Operators’ (PSV 385) gives a useful overview. It can be viewed online at www.gov.uk or you can download the publication from the Advice and Information section of our website www.ctauk.org.  
  • Additional information about operating a minibus under a PSV Operator’s licence can be found in DVSA’s guide, ‘Public Service Vehicle Operator Licensing - Guide for Operators’ (PSV 437) available for download from  www.gov.uk or www.ctauk.org.


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