Business Reviews, Audits and Action Planning
We provide advice and support to social enterprises and not-for-profit organisations on a wide range of issues.  Through our project and financial management experience we are adept at assessing the role of transport in relation to the wider objectives of an organisation, and assessing the non-transport impacts of policies and practices.

Community and Local Transport Planning
We work with clients on a wide spectrum of day-to-day transport-planning projects, covering issues such as community transport, concessionary fares, local governance, operations and funding.  With particular experience in small-scale transport solutions and local transport needs, we complement a strategic overview with a more detailed knowledge of particular transport issues.

Consultation and Social Research
Transport planning is not simply a desk-based and statistics-driven profession.  Talking to people directly is sometimes the best way to explore the problem being tackled.  We offer clients a range of consultation and social research skills in a carefully considered package which is appropriate to the particular project or issue.  From in-depth interviews with operators, policy-makers, businesses and stakeholders in the transport and non-transport sectors, to targeted consultation and research with sections of the community through focus groups and individual survey programmes, we have developed a flexible portfolio of consultation and research skills.

Policy Research and Project Evaluation
We help clients see the role of transport in the wider policy arena.  We carry out research to help shape the direction of transport policy at a regional and local level, often linking it to policy objectives in other sectors, such as rural development and social inclusion.  Recent examples include a review of the Rural Transport Fund Community Transport initiative for the Department for Regional Development (NI), which led to the continuation and amendment of the scheme delivery for the local operators, and a forward-looking piece of research on issues surrounding rural services for the Northern Ireland Executive to consider.


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