Five values shape how the CTA works:

1.         We put members first

We focus on assisting our members in making the biggest difference they can in their communities. We encourage them to feel part of a diverse movement that is bound by a common purpose and values, so they can have an impact on issues that no organisation can solve alone. We aim to make whatever we say and do relevant and responsive to the everyday experiences, needs and aspirations of our members and their service users.

2.         We lead with authority and responsibility

We believe our leadership role as the voice of community transport is best fulfilled by challenging and inspiring the people we work with. We take the lead in promoting the credibility of, and confidence in, community transport. We make sure what we say is evidence-based and gathered through robust and credible methods.

3.         We prioritise mobility and accessibility

We stand up for the people who rely most on community transport to enable them to enjoy a decent quality of life. We share this deep sense of responsibility and passion with our members and work with them to ensure that community transport, in whatever form, is rooted in responding to needs within local communities, prioritising those that are unmet by other services.

4.         We champion volunteering

We celebrate the high levels of volunteer involvement within the community transport movement and speak up for the importance and benefits of involving volunteers. We do not believe that unpaid means unprofessional and will always challenge negative perceptions about the value and contribution of volunteers.

5.         We think big

We are a small team with big ambitions for community transport. We are curious, creative and open to new ideas. We try new things and learn from them and encourage everyone we work with to do the same. We seek feedback and use this to enhance the quality of experience of working with us.

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