Can Community Transport Help me?

What is Community Transport?

Community transport is a safe, accessible, cost-effective and flexible form of transport, run by the community for the community. It can be developed to directly address gaps in public transport provision and through this create noticeable and lasting social and economic benefits.

Community Transport organisations exist across Wales. Some are small, delivering transport in a specific location or for a very specific purpose whereas others may be larger, covering greater distances and offering a broader range of different transport services.

Community Transport organisations can operate any of the following types of service:


  Community Car Schemes
Volunteers drive their own cars to transport individual passengers unable to travel by other means due to disability, illness or lack of public transport.
  Group transport
CT providers hire out their vehicles, often accessible mini-buses, and drivers to take members of community groups or clubs on trips. Sometimes groups use their own drivers.
  Door-to-door Dial A Ride
People who can’t use mainstream transport are picked up from their homes and dropped off at a shopping centre or GP surgery, then taken home again. Several people can be transported at once.
  Vehicle brokerage
CT providers manage the sharing of a number of vehicles owned by several organisations in order to maximise the services that can be delivered, and the use of vehicles daytime and evenings alike.
  Community Bus Services
Demand-responsive or fixed route transport services available to the public where commercial bus routes are not viable.
  Wheels to Work
Scooters are loaned to geographically isolated people (often younger ones) to enable them to get to work, apprenticeships or training in areas lacking public transport.
Loan or hire of wheelchairs and mobility scooters to allow disabled travellers to get around the shops in local towns.
  Contracted services
Home to school transport in rural areas, social care transport and non-emergency patient services are contracted by Councils, schools and ambulance trusts/health boards.


Finding your nearest community transport scheme

If you are encountering a transport problem that is preventing you from doing what you want or need to do, then yes, Community Transport could help you. Community transport (CT) is of particular value to people who, for a variety of reasons, do not have access to a car or public transport. It provides a lifeline in both rural and urban areas, catering for a variety of needs, such as taking disabled people to work, children to school, sick people to healthcare and older people to the shops.

The term Community Transport is very broad and often misunderstood because of the diverse services that fall under the term Community Transport (see list above). Every Community Transport organisation is different because they have grown in response to local transport needs; many schemes are charities and depend upon volunteers to deliver their services. If you need a community transport service, you can search for your nearest provider on CTOnline.




No Community Transport near you?

If you discover that there isn’t a community transport operator in your community, or that the service nearest to you may not cover your area (or be unable to offer you transport for some other reason), then there are two things you might consider doing:

1) Notify us of your circumstances and the barrier to transport that you face. Whilst this will not solve your immediate problem, it will help assist the work of CTA. By notifying us, we can begin to identify where new community transport schemes or additional services could be introduced in Wales.

2) Consider starting a Community Transport Scheme. CTA can help you through every step and support you to get other people in your community involved. We have produced a toolkit on the initial steps in setting up a CT scheme and feel free to contact us for further information.

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