Community Transport in Wales

There are approximately 100 members of CTA across Wales. Some members only operate transport for a very specific group of people (e.g. a school minibus for their pupils or a Care Home for their residents) but a significant number operate transport services for individuals in the community who face a disadvantage because of a barrier in accessing appropriate transport.

The full range of different community transport services is explained in more detail under what is Community Transport? 
The dispersed population in rural areas of Wales combined with the awkward geography of mountains and valleys, makes it hard for public transport services to meet the needs of the entire population, especially in rural areas. Even when public transport is available, there are a number of situations that can prevent someone being able to make use of public transport.

As a result, many people in Wales rely upon a car - but if you can’t drive or can’t afford to run a car and can’t access to public transport either, then it becomes very difficult to live a happy and fulfilling life. Even getting out to visit friends can become difficult, let alone visiting the doctor, going shopping or even getting to work.

This is where Community Transport plays a vital role. Community Transport Services operate under a different licencing regime to buses and taxis, which enables them to operate flexibly to meet transport needs. In addition, Community Transport Services are prevented in law from making any profit from the transport service operated; therefore the fare you pay directly reflects the actual cost of the journey you undertake. For a more detailed analysis of Community Transport in Wales, you may be interested in seeing the State of the Sector report.

CTA works with all the members in Wales to ensure services are being delivered safely, legally and professionally and able to meet emerging transport needs. We also work hard with Welsh Government and the wider Public Sector to ensure they understand the limitations Community Transport services face. As a result, CTA is often working on a number of different projects in Wales, in addition to supporting and representing our members. News and information about CTA  projects in Wales are summarised under Making a Difference

To find your nearest Community Transport Service, please have a look at CTOnline

If you discover that the area in which you live or the type of service you need cannot be provided by your nearest Community Transport Service then we’d be really grateful if you could register your barrier to transport with us.


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