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The CTA’s Governance

The CTA (registered as CTA UK) is a charity constituted as a company limited by guarantee, and is therefore governed by a Memorandum and Articles of Association. The charity’s objective and its principal activity continues to be the relief of age, poverty, sickness or disability by the provision of education and support to the charitable bodies or persons who supply transport to groups or individuals in need of such relief.

The CTA has registered charity status in England & Wales and in Scotland, and has an active trading arm, CTA Trading Limited, which covenants all of its profits to the charity. 

The most recent Annual Meeting took place November 2017 in London.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is ultimately responsible for the overall conduct of the CTA, and will conduct its business to ensure that the CTA is financially viable; properly governed; and properly managed. The Board of Trustees will monitor performance of all its functions and will decide the level of resources to meet its financial and other obligations.  Among other responsibilities, the Board of Trustees sets and maintains CTA’s vision, mission and values, develops strategy and policy, ensures compliance with the law and maintains proper fiscal oversight.

The Board of Trustees comprises up to eight trustees elected by the members from among candidates nominated by the Governance Committee; and up to three trustees co-opted by the Board of Trustees.  Members of the Board of Trustees are trustees under charity law and directors of the CTA under company law.  Each serves for a period of four years and may stand for a second consecutive four-year term of office, after which time they must take a compulsory one-year break before serving again.  The Board of Trustees appoints a chair, treasurer and a vice-chair.

The members of the current Board of Trustees are:

Susan Evans (Chair) 

Lawrence Wilson (Vice Chair)

Paul Appelbe (Treasurer)

Chris Kutesko

Joe Hannett

Peter Hardy

Paddy McEldowney

Rachel Milne

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee is responsible for the overall development of the Board of Trustees of the CTA, thus enhancing the governance capacity of the CTA, and is an instrument to facilitate and supervise the democratic process.  The Governance Committee agrees with the Board of Trustees its skills experience and diversity requirements and actively seek nominations of candidates meeting those requirements. It will prepare guidance for members for Board elections and assist the Board as needed in the recruitment of people with expertise for committees and other assignments.

The Governance Committee also takes responsibility for induction, Board development, Board appraisals and succession planning.  The Governance Committee comprises the Chair of CTA, the Vice Chair of CTA, a trustee, the chief executive of the CTA and two co-opted members. Current members are:

Susan Evans (Chair)
Lawrence Wilson

Finance & Audit Committee

The role of the Finance & Audit Committee is to help the Board of Trustees carry out its fiduciary duties. It achieves this by recommending policy to the Board, interpreting it for staff, and monitoring its implementation.  The Finance & Audit Committee also reviews the organisation’s annual budget and financial audit and ensures the proper checks and balances are in place. The Finance & Audit Committee reports its findings to the Board for approval.

Current members are:

Paul Appelbe (Chair)
Rachel Milne
Joe Hannett

Policy Committee 

The Policy Committee exists to consider and advise the Board of Trustees on policy matters and wider issues affecting CTA, its members and their service users. 

Current members are: 

Peter Hardy (trustee)

Paddy McEldowney (trustee)

Donna Atkinson 

Debbie Johnson

Kevin Carr 

Country Committees

The CTA country committees consider both strategic and operational issues relating to their geographical areas that affect the community transport sector in general and CTA members in particular.  The main role of the committees is to promote the benefits of membership of the CTA whenever and wherever appropriate; to assist the CTA to disseminate information to members and potential members about the activities of the CTA in their geographical area and to facilitate involvement in those activities; to provide feedback to CTA staff and the Board of Trustees on recent, current and planned CTA activities in order that every effort can be made to meet the needs of all members; and to also provide feedback to CTA staff and the Board of Trustees on issues affecting members in its area that might require action from the CTA.

Committee for Scotland:
Rachel Milne (Chair)

Committee for Wales
Sarah Leyland-Jones (Chair)

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