Archived Consultation Responses

 CTA evidence to Transport Committee Inquiry into Transport in Isolated Communities (.pdf 40kb) (Sept 2013)

CTA response to DVLA Consultation: Future of Vehicle Registration and Licensing Services in Northern Ireland (.pdf 274kb) (Sept 2013)


 Report of the Inquiry into Community Transport by the Infrastructure and capital Investment Committee of the Scottish Parliament (.pdf 157kb) July 2013

 CTA response to DSA Consultation: Effectiveness of Driver CPC (.pdf 252kb) June 2013

The DSA have now published their Report following the end of the above consultation.  Further details can be viewed by following this link -

 CTA response to DSA consultation: Possible Changes to the Scope of Exemptions to Driver CPC (.pdf 275kb) (June 2013)


 CTA response to Office of the Senior Traffic Commissioner consultation: Revised Senior Traffic Commissioner’s Statutory Guidance and Directions (.pdf 311kb) (June 2013)

 Response from the Senior Traffic Commissioner in relation to CTA comments on their new guidance document (.pdf 182kb) (July 2013)


CTA's response to the DfT's consultation on BSOG Reform (.pdf 88 kb) (Nov 2012)

 Scottish Government consultation on potential content for the forthcoming Community Empowerment and Renewal bill. CTA response to the Consultation - (.pdf 378kb)

 DRD Inquiry into the better use of public and community sector funds for the delivery of bus transport in Northern Ireland. CTA's response to the DRD Committee Enquiry - 14 September 2012 (.pdf 754kb)

 Written submission from the Community Transport Association UK to the Transport Committee in connection with the inquiry into the funding of bus services in England (outside of London) in the light of the outcome of the Comprehensive Spending Review (Jan 2011)

 CTA written evidence to NI Committee for DRD - 12 December 2011

 Response to Scottish Govt  consultation on DRT and BSOG - 26 September 2011 (155kb)

 Scottish Government: Commission on the Future Delivery of Public Services - 31 March 2011 (340kb)

Cabinet Office: Modernising Commissioning - 5 January 2010 (249kb)

DoENI: Future of Bus Operator Licensing in Northern Ireland - 24 August 2010 (505kb)

DfT: HGV & PCV motorway speed limits - 27 April 2010 (36.2kb)

DfT: Response to Consultees - 31 December 2010 (19.5kb)

DfRD: Public Transport Reform Consultation - 5 February 2010 (135kb)

WAG: (Legislative Competence) (Transport) Order 2010 relating to learner transport and concessionary travel  - January 2010 (26kb)

Road to Rail - November 2009 (16.3kb)


DfT: Review of Designated Bodies for Section 19 Permits - 14 October 2009 (pdf 73.5bk)

Commission for the Compact: Refreshing the Compact: A framework for partnership working - 12 October 2009 (pdf 62.7kb)

Welsh Assembly Government: National Transport Plan - 12 October 2009 (pdf 66.7kb)


DfT: Extension of the remit of Passenger Focus to bus and coach issues and the requirement to display information - 8 October 2009 (pdf 128kb)
Welsh Assembly Government: Rural Health Planning - 21 August 2009 (pdf 73.5kb)


Scottish Ambulance Service: Our Future Strategy - 14 August 2009 (pdf 86.1kb)

DfT: Possible changes to the Administration of Concessionary Travel - 21 July 2009 (pdf 61kb)

DfT: Draft Guidance for Local Transport Plans - 9 April 2009 (pdf 35.5kb)

pdfCTA Response to Charles Gordon MSP's Bill on Bus reregulation in Scotland - 16 March 2009 (pdf 52kb)

pdfDfT: Delivering a Sustainable Transport System & Consultation on planning for 2014 and beyond - 27 February 2009 (pdf 51.3kb)

The Mayor's Equality Framework: Equal Life Chances for All - 20 February 2009 (pdf 52.3kb)


Local Transport Act 2008 (Commencement No. 1 and Transitional Provisions) Order 2009 - 26 January 2009 (pdf 64kb)

DfT: Definition of eligible service for the statutory bus concession in England - 23 January 2009 (pdf 54kb)

London Assembly: "Way to Go" the Mayor's Transport Plan - 16 January 2009 (pdf 1.1kb)

DfT: Local Transport Bill - Proposals for Secondary Legislation on Community Transport Permits - 17 October 2008 (pdf 53.3kb)

DfH: Towards a Strategy to Support Voluteering in Health & Social Care - 30 September 2008 (pdf 45.7kb) 

 Scottish Government: The Distribution of Funds from Dormant Bank & Building Society Accounts - 8 September 2008 (pdf 77.8kb)


WAG: Developing a Comprehensive Blue Badge (Disabled Parking) Reform Strategy for Wales - 2 September 2008 (pdf 78.2kb)

Scottish Government: Scotland-wide Free Bus Travel Scheme for Older and Disabled People: Three Year Review - (pdf 40.5kb)

Welsh Assembly Government: Proposed Provision of Bus & Coach Services - 12 September 2008 (pdf 31.4kb)

DfT: EC Whole vehicle type approval - National Approval Schemes, Technical Requirements & Fees - 22 August 2008 (pdf 33kb)

DfT EC Whole Type Approval - Consultation Analysis Report - 12 January 2009 (pdf 126kb)


OfD: Implementation of the Indepentant Living Strategy - 20 June 2008 (pdf 48.7kb)


DfT: Local Bus Service Support - Options for Reform (BSOG) - 5 June 2008 (pdf 72.5kb)


DH: Strategic Review of DH Funding of Third Sector Organisations - 20 March 2008 (pdf 33.2kb)


DfT: Options for Strengthening Bus Passenger Representation - 17 March 2008 (pdf 37.9km)


DfT: EU Proposals to Establish Common Rules Concerning the Conditions to be Complied with to Pursue the Occupation of Road Transport Operator - 29 Feb 2008 (pdf 69.3kb) 

Welsh Assembly Government: Public Transport Users' Committee for Wales - 5 February 2008 (pdf 124kb)

DRD: (NI) Draft Accessible Transport Strategy Action Plan 2007-2009 - 17 January 2008 (pdf 36.4kb)


DfT: Use of Seatbelts & Child Restraints by Child Passengers on Buses & Coaches - 30 November 2007 (pdf 88.9kb)

Scottish Government: Better Health, Better Care - 12 November 2007 (pdf 58.5kb)


DfT: Strengthening Local Delivery - Modernising the Traffic Commissioner System - 15 October 2007 (pdf 69.8kb)


DfT: PHV & Road Safety Act 2006 Consultation on a Guidance Note - 28 September 2007 (pdf 61.3 kb)

Lancashire County Council: Consultation on Minibus Driver Training - 28 September 2007 (pdf 419kb)


DfT: Consultation on the Draft Local Transport Bill 2007 (September 2007)


DfT: Consultation on Graduated Fixed Penalty & Deposit Schemes - August 2007 (pdf 33.7 kb)


DfT: Draft Regulations to Amend the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986 - April 2007 (pdf  38.8kb)

Transport Committee: Enquiry into Ticketing on Public Transport - March 2007 (pdf 1mb)


South West Scotland Transport Partnership Draft Transport Strategy - February 2007 (pdf 79.6kb) 


North East Scotland Transport Partnership Draft Regional Transport Strategy - February 2007 (pdf 88.5kb)


Shetland Transport Partnership Draft Regional Transport Strategy - January 2007 (pdf 84.7kb)


South East Scotland Transport Partnership Draft Regional Transport Strategy - January 2007 (pdf  91.1kb)


Highlands and Islands Transport Partnership Draft Regional Transport Strategy - January 2007 (pdf 78.8kb)


VOSA: Changes to the test content for class IV minibuses and class V and VA non-PSV buses - 12 January 2007 (pdf 37.2)

DSA:  Consultation on Service Improvements, Safety Related Measures & General Fee Increases - 11 January 2007 (pdf  107kb)


Strathclyde Partnership for Transport: Regional Transport Strategy Issues & Objectives Report - 20 July 2006 (pdf 51kb)


North East of Scotland Transport Partnership: Regional Transport Strategy Issues & Objectives Report - 19 July 2006 (pdf 42.8kb)


Scottish Executive: Consultation on Scotland’s National Transport Strategy - 10 July 2006 (pdf 111kb)


Transport Committee: Enquiry into Bus Services Across the UK  - 23 May 2006 (pdf 28.4kb)


Transport Committee: Enquiry into Transport Planning & Funding - 25 April 2006 (pdf 15.5kb)


DSA: Certificates of Professional Competence for professional lorry and bus drivers (February 2006)


 DSA Response to DCPC Consultation 2007


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