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Strong governance is at the heart of any organisation.  The CTA recently embarked on a review of its own governance.  This review follows many years of success of the CTA and was carried out to ensure that the organisation is fit for purpose for the next stage of our development.

Over the last three years we have reviewed the way we operate in light of the success we have had in raising the profile of community transport.  We now have directors for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and a director for London, each with their own work programme and staff structures.  This has replaced an over-reliance on development staff and has enabled us to be more successful in engaging with local and national governments.  We need to enhance our policy influence to enable the sector to have a vibrant future and to develop our work in areas where we have been less successful.

We need to ensure that the chief executive and staff have the governance structure they deserve to offer them the support, understanding and drive to enable them to undertake their roles constructively and professionally.  At the same time, it is important to ensure that they are also held to account by the trustees providing a level of scrutiny and direction.

The CTA is a membership organisation and we must ensure that the views of our members are heard and acted upon.  The CTA needs to be governed and run for the benefit of its members and ultimately we must try and ensure that the vision of the CTA is realised.

A Governance Working Group set up by the Board in June 2007 to lead this review quickly concluded that a Board of Trustees of up to 21 members meeting quarterly could not be regarded as best practice and that a much smaller Board, part elected, part appointed to cover skills gaps, and assisted by a Governance Committee and a Finance & Audit Committee, would be more appropriate.

We believe that these proposals, as described in the consultation document, will result in a governance structure best suited to enabling the CTA to deliver its objectives into the foreseeable future.

During August and September 2008 members were consulted on the proposals, as described in the consultation document "Fit for our Future".  The responses to this consultation, including discussion at country committee meetings, were reviewed by the Governance Review Working Group and the CTA's Board of Trustees.

At its meeting on 24 September 2008 the Board of Trustees unanimously approved the revised Memorandum and Articles of Association and subsequently recommended the new governance arrangements to all members of the CTA in the form of four special resolutions at the CTA's AGM on Wednesday 29 October at 5.30 pm at Manchester Central, Petersfield, Manchester.

At CTA's AGM on 29 October 2008, members unanimously approved the four special resolutions and, as such, all were adopted.

The Board of Trustees are implementing the proposed changes to the CTA's governance over a two-year period ending at the AGM in 2010.  These changes include moving to a smaller Board of Trustees, establishing a new Governance Committee and a new Finance & Audit Committee.  We will also be developing regional fora across the UK.  Further details of all these changes can be found in the original member consultation document entitled "CTA's Governance: Fit for our Future", dated July 2008.  A downloadable pdf of this publication is available below.

If you require any further information about the Governance Review or have any queries email or telephone CTA's central office on 0161 351 1475.

CTA's Memorandum & Articles of Association as adopted at the AGM on 29 October 2008

Original member consultation document:  CTA's Governance; Fit for our Future, dated July 2008

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